Ministry / Retreats

Watchtower Ranch serves as a ministry location for several men's and women's retreats. Whether youth or adult, Watchtower Ranch is an excellent place to hold your next retreat. With 12 guest rooms and 2 bunk rooms, there is plenty of space for even large groups to gather.

Come explore the ranch and the spiritual oasis that is found here.  The openness of the pastures and remote locations of the woods provides places where time can be spent alone, where the noise from the city is completely diminished.  Please contact us for more information regarding booking the ranch for ministry retreats.

Prayer Trail

Alter Woods

Within the ranch there are many places to go explore and find peace and quiet. As you walk out from the main building you will find a walkway that leads you throughout a prayer trail. The walkway is surrounded by trees and wilderness. These remote locations provide a place where time can be spent in reflection. 

The Chapel

Sitting quietly on the ranch is a beautiful white chapel. The new building creates a surprising contrast between the vast openness of rolling hills and wilderness. You step inside and are immediately in an intimate space where you instantly feel peace. The chapel is meant to provide a welcoming and inspirational place for spiritual renewal. Down to the studs you can tell much care and passion went into creating the building.